Practice is cancelled
The Next Raiders meeting will be held Thur. August 18th 8:00 above the snack bar. All are welcome!

We have a new Registration system. You must first create a family account to register for a sport. It will only take a few minutes and will make all future registrations much easier.
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After you have finished you can log-in by clicking the Family Login on the left


Registration is open to all children living in Upper Darby School District from Kindergarten to 8th grade.
Registration fee (includes USA insurance):
First child $115
Second child $65
Third or more $15 each
Practice begins the first week of November and each child will need wrestling shoes and headgear.
Please include all email addresses and phone numbers in contact information because this is how we communicate all pertinent information.
"More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill--none have wrestled without pride."
--Dan Gable
Any questions contact:
Megan Venuti 610 864 4653
Kristi McGinnis

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This Weeks Schedule

Saturday Oct.18 @Home

8:30 FLAG vs 69TH, MJT 1, MJT 2
9:30 80JV Black vs MJT 2
11:00 80JV Silver vs OGB
12:30 100JV vs CKR 2
2:00 80V vs 69TH
3:30 100V vs 69TH
5:00 120V vs 69TH

Our Philosophy

We believe, at Drexel Hill Raiders, every child should have the opportunity to participate in athletics. The young people who participate in the Raiders' program should enthusiastically be encouraged by parents and coaches. It is our main goal at this stage of each child's career to expose them to all sports, and let them decide in which sport (s) they receive the greatest physical and psychological gratification.

Sports are an integral part of the education program and must contribute to the development of well-rounded children capable of assuming their place in society. The Association will endeavor to provide the most highly qualified, ethical coaches that display mature leadership in order to develop in their athletes the following qualities: SPORTSMANSHIP, CHARACTER, STRENGTH, HONESTY, PERSEVERANCE, DESIRE AND POSITIVE ATTITUDES.

Although each contest our athletes participate in is not a "life or death" matter, each coach should continually strive to develop a philosophy of "trying one's best" in each of their athletes. The goal of self-actualization gained by facing a challenge and relying upon oneself to carry the task through to the end is a foundation, which our athletes can rely upon in all endeavors of life.   A Great Place to Play and Learn

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