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Below is a list of Fundraising that we currently have

in the works for our upcoming 2017-18 Season!

We all know that Competition is a very rewarding experience but sometimes the cost can be a little overwhelming so we have a few ideas this season that will help us with additional costs that pop up throught our season as well as help you raise funds to directly go towards your account! 

Please be mindful that FULL PARTICIPATION in ALL GROUP FUNDRAISING is  MANDITORY!  In the past we have found that there are families that just do NO fundraising at all.  If this is the case please be reminded that any portion of our group fundraising goes towards helping keep your competition costs to a minimum. This includes music costs, prop costs, extra gym time/space, extra competitions (if added), team parties, end of season banquet costs, equipment maintenace and props.  All of these are costly expenses that we rely on paying for through our seasonal fundraising when funds are not always available from our intitial competition costs!  So please be mindful when selecting NOT to participate!


September 2017

Mums Flower Fundraiser!  This is NEW.  Every cheerleader will have the opportunity to sell Mums as an individual fundraiser!  The more you sell the more money that will be credited directly to your childs account!  This is a great fundraiser for Fall!! (INDIVIDUAL)


October 2017

Mega Cookie Dough Fundraiser.  This has always been a huge success! You will have the opportunity to sell cookie dough tubs (other items available as well) and the profit will be credited directly to your childs account! (INDIVIDUAL)


November 2017

Beef and Beer (Group)


Coach Bag Bingo (Group)


December 2017

Ladies night out!  A BYOB & Food night of shopping vendors of all kinds! (Group)