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Wrestling Parents Instructions

ICWL League Dual Meets: The DHR wrestling Club belongs to a 40-team inter-county
Wrestling League (ICWL) and for seven weeks we will wrestle 2, sometimes 3 teams each
Saturday (starting December 14 th 2019). The home meets will be at DHMS (schedule will be
given out once we have it) and unless noted otherwise, all meets will start at 8:30 am and finish
up around 1pm. For our home meets all DHR wrestlers must be at DHMS at 7:30 am. If your
child cannot make a Saturday dual meet, all you have to do is notify Andrew, Ray or Katie or
one of the coaches by Thursday, which is when coaches do matchups. If your child wakes up
sick Saturday Morning, which happens a lot during the winter, please make sure to email one of
the following:




I cannot begin to tell you how much time and effort our coaching staff will put out to make sure
your child excels in this sport, with practices 4 days a week, dual meets on Saturdays, then
Sunday tournaments. Just to give you an idea of how dedicated they are, on the week of all our
dual meets, every Thursday after practice the coaches will get together at Coach Andrew house
in order to hold a conference call with the coaches from the two other wrestling clubs we are
wrestling on that following Saturday so can put together all of Saturdays wrestling match-ups.
They literally will match up each of our DHR wrestlers against the other team’s kids. They will
normally put together about 200 matches that night and do you know what time they usually
finish? Around 2 a.m. And of course they still have to get up and go to work in the morning. On
the Friday night before the match they will be at DHMS at 6pm to help move and set up mats.
The coaches do this each Thursday night for the entire season.

On Saturdays during our dual meets your wrestler will only wrestle other same skilled
wrestlers that will be approximately the same age and weights as your child.
When the regular season starts we will need everyone’s help. All were asking is that each parent
volunteer an hour and a half on Friday night (set up) or Saturday (home meets) to help out. Help
during our home meets will be needed at:

Friday nights prior to Saturday meets to help set up mats (estimated time would be 1 hour).
Saturday meets (home only) – Snack bar help (1 ½ hr.) or at one of our four mat tables (1 ½ Hr.)
and with break-down at the end of meet (usually takes an hour).

At no time will you ever miss your child match. Volunteering your time will help make our
home meets run smoothly.
Figuring out when your child wrestles on Saturday: When you arrive on Saturday mornings
there will eventually be a list posted in the gym or in the hallway with all the matches listed. The
list will be in alphabetical order by team. Need to find the DHR list, find your child’s name and
then record the 3 digit number(s) listed next to his name. See example below:

Child’s name DHR 412, 342, 223

It’s easy to interpret the 3-digit numbers. The first bout number 412, means that his/her first
match will be on mat #4 and will be match #12 (412). All of the mats are marked with their
numbers at the scoring table of each mat by the clock. When wrestling starts at 8:30 it will start
with match #1 (#401 on mat #4) and move up from there. Each mat table where the scorer sits
will have a numbered flip chart on the front of the table. Follow that flip chart until it gets close
to your match number. When you 2 numbers away from your match (for his/her first match
above that number would be 410) your child needs to be next to the raider’s coach at the corner
of the mat and ready to go. My suggestion is to write your wrestler’s match number on your
hand, on a piece of paper or put them in your cell phone somewhere. The kids like if you write it
on their hand too so they can keep track.

Needed Equipment Your child MUST have three pieces of wrestling equipment in order to
participate on Saturdays: Wrestling headgear, Wrestling Shoes, and DHR singlet. We provide the
singlet and you must provide the shoes and headgear. We require a check deposit for the singlet
of $75.00 each. We do not cash the check just hold it until the end of the season and return it
when the singlet is returned. If, for some reason we do not receive the singlet back or it is
damaged then we will cash the check to cover the coast of ordering a new one. If they are
missing any of the above items they will not be allowed to participate on Saturdays. If late and
no DHR coach or administrator was notified they will be scratched and not allowed to
participate. We are asking for each child to order a new warm up suit this year (If you do not
have one already) so each child is UNIFORM. DO NOT allow your child to wear their wrestling
shoes outside. They must wear other shoes and then change on the mat. We cannot have outside
dirt tracked in for sanitary purposes.

What do I do during my child’s match? When it’s your child’s turn to wrestle we need his
parents and family to watch from a distance, not next to the mat. During his/her match or
coaches will be yelling out instructions to them and they need to listen to them and understand
what they are saying. As a parent it’s only natural to also shout out encouragement to your child
during the match, but the problem with this is that your child will recognize your voice and then
tune the coach out.

What do I do after they are done wrestling? After your child is done with the match they will
need to shake the hand of their opponent’s coach and then briefly speak to the raiders coach and

talk a little about the match. Our coaches are very good at positive reinforcement and will tell
your child that, win or lose; they did a great job, but will also take the opportunity to go over
anything they can learn from the match. Wrestling is a physical and emotional sport and your
child will have just finished 3 minutes of rolling around on the mat a with another wrestler. They
may or may not be on the verge of crying, but if they do I can promise you that they are not hurt,
just emotionally upset. If this happens let the coach deal with it and maybe give your child a
couple of minutes to themselves to calm down. The last thing you want to do is go over and yell.
We’ve seen parents berate their kids after a tough loss and that only makes the kids more
emotional. Win or lose, be supportive-those kids are giving their all out there!

Parents responsibility: It will be your responsibility to make sure that your children, whether
wrestlers or not behave themselves at all times while inside the gymnasium. In the past we’ve
had kids running wild in the gym, hallways, bathrooms or outside and this cannot happen. We
have a very good relationship with the school district and the janitors that work at DHMS during
our meets and we intend on keeping that way. Also, we expect our parents to act accordingly
during the meets. Any parent that causes a disturbance during or after a match will be removed
from the gymnasium and will not be able to attend any more dual meets. We have a zero-
tolerance when it comes to this issue.

Dual Meets Vs Tournaments: Another chance for your child to get some more wrestling
experience is to sign them up for tournaments. There are a lot of tournaments out there and we
pick a couple and attend as a team (tournaments are optional). We will provide the tournaments
we will participate in soon as possible. It will be your responsibility to fill out the form online
and to cover the tournament fee.

Parking at DHMS – On Saturdays please do not park in the front of DHMS, use the parking lot
on the eastside of the school behind the cafeteria or park on State Road in front of the school.
For a list of our dual meets and locations along with tournaments can be found at:

www.drexelhillraiders.com under wrestling tab.