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So your son / daughter wants to play summer club lacrosse ...
Summer Club Lacrosse is a great way to allow your son or daughter to improve their lacrosse IQ and skill.  Quite frankly they will get better by playing with and against better players.

Please note: Summer club lacrosse has tryouts in the fall and most are very competitive; it is best to tryout for multiple teams in the hopes of making one of them.  Don't let your son or daughter to get discouraged perhaps they had a bad day or maybe when they were playing well, the coach wasn't looking; it is very chaotic during evaluations.

Additionally, all players are different and "mature" or develop their lacrosse IQ and skill at different times.  Do not give up, persevere and PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE some more. Here is a good article to get you started: How do I become a better lacrosse player?

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